Support page for Crew of The White Pearl

Thank you for coming to the Coofle VIP order page. Your support for the Crew of the White Pearl is greatly appreciated. This is a temporary form. When you place an order by pressing the "Subscribe to List" button, you also confirm that you understand that you are not guaranteed any return of your payment, but that you trust that The White Pearl and it's Crew will do their very best, not only to make Coofle and your payment into a success with a good return to you and your community, but also will do their very best to let your support help both the crew and other challenged people in the USA and Denmark. To read more, see
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Minimum 10
Minimum 100
Minimum 1000. Can be used for commercial use.
Minimum 10,000. Are only sold to non-profit charity organizations and private people who can provide proof of helping challenged people in the US or Danish society. The cards can be used for subsequent fund raising. Purchaser needs approval.
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